In 2015, after analyzing the state of the raw materials market in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and in the Western region in particular, «POSH Runo» LLP decided to implement the project «Processing of hides of cattle and small cattle to the state of Wet Blue and Crust» in the territory of the West Kazakhstan region, where until recently there was no such enterprise.

In November 2017, the company began its production activities. The plant is located on a plot of 4.25 hectares in the suburb of Uralsk, West Kazakhstan region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The production capacity of the tannery is 700 pieces of cattle hides and 2500 pieces of small cattle hides. The company employs 65 people.
Our company is engaged in the processing of hides of cattle and small cattle using chrome tanning to the semi-finished Wet-blue, and the release of Crust leather from sheep's hides. During 2019, the line for the production of finished leather will be launched.
Innovative technological process on the modern Spanish and Italian equipment, with the use of chemical additives of European production, allows to process up to 700 hides of cattle and 2500 hides of small cattle per shift.
The Tannery «POSH Runo» is interested in establishing direct long-term partnering mutually beneficial relations with manufacturers of leather from raw materials of cattle and small cattle and invites manufacturers of products from finished leather to cooperate.
Our company has everything necessary to regulate the export-import in our country and a positive experience in the delivery of products abroad.
Wet-blue products are mainly exported to two sales markets. To Europe and Southeast Asia for further processing. We are ready to work with all regions of the world.