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In the production of processing hides of cattle and small cattle, the technology developed by Spanish specialists is used. «IPAP, S.L» specifically for «POSH Runo» LLP.

The technological process includes the following division:
- soaking, liming process;
- tanning, dyeing process.

The total duration of the production process reaches up to 4,5 days. The technology of processing of hides provides for the use of only high-quality chemicals in the process. This company uses the chemical material of company «CROMOGENIA Units S.A.» Spain.

Our advantages:

Where to buy the genuine leather?

It is best to do directly from the manufacturer, because the price will be factory. The leather is guaranteed to be natural. But it’s not only the price and compliance of the material, but also in quality. Stuck goods, without complying with storage conditions, may lose their properties. If the leather was made by handicraft, without compliance with the technology, the defect is possible, including one that is difficult to see at first glance. Already in the first months of operation, it can fail: it is erased, fades, and the fringe is formed at the edges.

The main directions in which the Tannery «POSH Runo»- is the processing of hides to semi-finished Wet-blue and Crust, as well as finished leather.

The Tannery «POSH Runo» is interested in establishing direct long-term partnering mutually beneficial relations with manufacturers of leather from raw materials of cattle and small cattle and invites manufacturers of products from finished leather to cooperate.

Our company is engaged in the processing of hides of cattle and small cattle using chrome tanning to the semi-finished Wet-blue, and the release of Crust leather from sheep's hides. During 2019, we plan to launch lines for the production of finished leather from cattle hides.