Leather is the durable and flexible durable material obtained by making hides in the conditions of the traditional private estate, as well as in conditions of industrial enterprises. Leather is used in various areas, from the production of footwear and clothing to bookbinding, from the manufacture of furniture upholstery to the production of leather wallpaper, etc. Produced many varieties of leather with the variety of properties.

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Вет-блю is a cordivan that is named raw. It is related to some features of production : a skin is tanned, but does not dry out to the end, and only a bit wring out. Id est she always in the moist state. And as a result of processing she acquires a blue color the method of the chromic tanning - from here and the name of wet - moist and blue - blue.



From ancient curriers to contemporaneity

Advantages of leather wares estimated yet ancient people. It is common knowledge that as protecting from colds the hides of animals were used - indeed, on a that moment they were exposed to minimum treatment: hides dried above fires and "canned" by means of smoke. However such hides quickly enough came in uselessness, thus the most proof element was remained exactly by a skin. Then a man understood that he need the new methods of treatment. Then skins began to process the special compositions. Certainly, about the use of chemical facilities the question was not then, therefore vegetable compositions, fruit, woods and even cut bark, went to business. It was noticed that the skin, steeped in water, treat arboreal smoke and passing procedure of liming, loses a hair cover and becomes to my surprise durable and elastic. So the skin of краст appeared - from English "crust" - a "bark", "crust", is material that well went the evolution of man and found application in our

Production of краста

As in the case of any other skin, краст passes the row of the special procedures during a production and treatment. Краст is a few kinds, and most widespread from them is black краст, but procedure of works on creation of such skin is approximately identical. First of all, a skin is assorted and steep.

The point is that краст differs in the row of tannic and dyeings features. He requires the high level of observance of ecological requirements, including, enormous rate-of-flow and chrome - in combination these elements give a skin краст mildness and durability simultaneously. Tanning allows to process a skin chemicals "living" microorganisms disappear due to that, whereupon a skin becomes fitted for further treatment and subsequent use. This skin is distinguished also by the so-called drum dyeing.

The facial surface of краста has natural - created in natural way, but not by treatment is a picture. It is related to that, whatever dyeing of краста implies

Care after крастом and wares from him

It should be noted that the care of wares from the skin of краст and this skin has a row of features. They are comparable with the features of storage of other types of skins :

  • dry treatment of wares implies ordinary liquidation of dust by means of clean dry rag;
  • wares it is impossible to wear away from краста - they will not get wet, but will lose the stake of durability and aesthetic properties;
  • if it is needed to clean from the skin of краст or from good dirt, it is better to take advantage of the special cleaning facilities or to try to wipe good the sponge steeped in this solution;
  • all facilities on the care of skin must be слабощелочными. It is needed dry to wipe after moist treatment of краст;
  • from time to time краст it is necessary to oil the special facilities that add to him to elasticity and mildness, simultaneously supporting durability.

On the whole, it all is requirements to the care after крастом. The observance of these rules will allow long to save natural beauty and unsurpassed internalss of this skin.